First visit at the range is a unique adventure. To make your first contact with firearms more enjoyable we prepared a few hints that you might find useful.


Never handle a firearm under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If our instructors decide that you show signs of being under influence your experience will be cancelled. Using the substances mentioned above at the range is strictly forbidden.

• Keep the barrel pointed downrange and never point a firearm at something you do not wish to destroy.

• Never put a loaded firearm down.

• Always keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard untill you are ready to fire.

• Aways wear protective eyewear and ear protection, even when not shooting, unless instructor informs that it’s safe to take these off.

• Always know what you are shooting at and mindful of what is around and behind your target.

If you are undergoing any therapy or had a surgery (especially one regarding joints, tendons, nervous or cardio – vascular system) please do inform your instruktor, who is responsible for your safety at the range.

• Always follow the instructors’ commands, as failure to do so might result in your shooting experience being canceled. If you do have any questions just ask – we are here to make it safe nad fun (but hitting the target is still up to you – wether you choose to follow our tips or not ;))


Even though there is no expected dress code at the range below you can find a few useful tips that will make your experience more enjoyable.

• We suggest comfortable sport shoes. Due to gravel teh surface we are standing on is nogt always falt therefore high heels or wedges might negatively affect your balance while shooting. The shooting stations are open to the outside so on our way to the targets flip flops or sandals might prove to be uncomfortable.

• We recommend dark clothes as casings that are ejected form firearms tend to be darkened by smoke and the gun oils and grease that is used to clean and preserve firearms may cause stains difficult to remove.

• During the summer we are all hot but if the clothes you do intend to wear have a cleveage please do take a scarf with you – empty cases ejected form firearms are hot and if the get underneath your clothes they will cause painful burns.

• When it is cold outside please remember that we are standing under the roof but our targets are in the open, so the tempearture on the shooting stands is just a few degrees higher than outside.

• If you have long hair taking a hair band or clip would be a good idea as loose strands tend to get caught by the ear protecion gear.


• Rifles and shotguns mostly weigh 3 kg or more, therefore please do inform us if the shooter is younger than 16, as it might prove to be necessary to change the firearm in your package to a lighter one with less recoil. For the same reasons injuries that prevent you from lifting heavy objects are important information for us.

• There are no exact age limits but if please do keep in mind that a child has to lift the gun and manage to allign the sights, that is why we usually advise the shooters to be at least 12 years old.

• Most firearms shoots are loud. Infants and children younger than 10 years old participating as observers might be uneasy or scared even though they will be wearing ear protection.

• Because of high noise level, recoil and shock wave while shooting we do not allow woman in advanced pregnancy to shoot.